About this site

Picture Books suffer from their close association with the Easy Reader. Though they occupy the same shelf in a library, or are presented to children of the same age, Easy Reader Books and Picture Books differ greatly in form and function.

Many teachers rarely use Picture Books for instruction in grades 3-6. However, it is the unique qualities of Picture Books that make them ideal tools for teaching the Common Core Standards in a rich and meaningful manner.

There are two primary reasons why Picture Books are overlooked:
1) overall appearance of the book and;
2) the lack of time teachers have to select books to match the standards.

Picture Books often look exactly like Easy Readers which are primarily used to provide reading practice for children just beginning to read independently.

The teaching content contained in a Picture Books is not always obvious by looking at the cover, title, art work, and subject area.

The range of standards that could be covered in a Picture Books are not obvious through skimming or a “once over” reading due to the density of meaning crafted inside the Picture Books.

The purpose of this blog is to save time for teachers by focusing a spotlight on the quintessential teaching tool–the Picture Book.